Schestowitz Our Vision


Our Vision


We seek to lead the Israeli market in the field of consumer goods and cosmetics with leading international brands, as part of our global village worldview.

We continuously work to identify prospects, spread risks, and strengthen the links along the entire business chain – from foreign suppliers and brands, through retail chains to consumers. 

We believe that every brand should “speak” to its target audience in its own unique language and manner.


For us, the thirst for success is a strategic need.

Our goal is to constantly improve, advance, grow and strengthen. We view tension and alertness as being both important and energizing, and as essential and challenging elements in the competitive, dynamic market in which we operate.

This rapid pace, which is growing faster and faster, requires us all to take the initiative, to improve efficiency, to react quickly right now, without waiting for tomorrow.

We view workers as partners in these aspirations and in the successes and are convinced that we all profit from workers being more involved, dedicated and industrious.

We want an organization with open communication and a work environment that is free of condescension and politics, that is based on listening respectfully to others.

We regard integrity and fairness as keywords, and reliability is a first and essential condition for any course of action.

We are proud of you, our workers, and are confident that each one of you is proud to be part of this unique company – Schestowitz.