Schestowitz About Us

The Schestowitz Company, founded in 1954, is today a leader in the field of importing, marketing and distributing international brand-name consumer goods.



The company works primarily with four types of consumer goods: personal care products, cosmetics and perfume, household care products, and food. Schestowitz closely guides international brands from import to the shelf and into consumers’ homes.

The company’s strength is drawn from its 1,100 employees, who promote the firm’s dedication to innovation and outstanding quality. This vision is the most important link on the business chain, reaching from suppliers through retailers and ultimately to consumers.

Schestowitz’s extensive activities are run from the company’s headquarters in the Caesarea Industrial Area. This is also the site of its innovative logistic center boasting cutting-edge technology.


Yoni Schestowitz, the company’s owner and CEO, has continued the family’s tradition of success. This approach is based embracing a zealous strategy that always aspires to move forward and break new ground, whether in entrepreneurial activities and business development or in moving into new markets and working with international world-wide brands.

Schestowitz operates through three divisions, each enjoying a powerful support network: the Colgate-Palmolive Division; the Food and Health Division; and the Cosmetics and Perfume Division. Each division, run by a CEO who is also responsible for brand managers and trade marketing teams, represents a number of leading international brands.


The Colgate-Palmolive Division

The Colgate-Palmolive Division represents Colgate-Palmolive’s oral hygiene, personal care, and household care international flagship brands.

These brand-name products include: Ajax; Colgate toothpastes, tooth brushes and mouthwashes; Lady Speed Stick and Speed Stick; and Palmolive soap and dish soaps.

This division invests in maintaining a professional network that serves over 5,000 dentists and dental hygienists who use Colgate products.


The Food and Health Division

The Food and Health Division represents strong, globally-recognized brands. It also works with a local manufacturing center producing an ever-expanding variety of food products and snacks.

Among the international food brands represented are: Alpro plant-based drinks; Barilla pasta and sauces; Free health bars; Pompadour tea; and Rio Mare tuna.

Among the locally produced brands are: Mana snacks and Master Chef products, which are infused with flavors from around the world.

Among the health brands represented are: Chic razors and Johnson & Johnson brand products, including Band-Aids; the Carefree product line; the Clean & Clear product line; Compeed foot care products; K-Y gel; and O.B. tampons.


The Cosmetics Division

This Cosmetics Division works with leading international products, including high-end cosmetics, mass market cosmetics and perfumes. The Cosmetics Division employs about 650 beauty consultants at numerous points of sale across Israel and at the Duty Free shop at Ben Gurion Airport.

Among the makeup brands represented: Guerlain; Lord & Berry; Revlon; and Sisley Paris.

Among the personal care brands represented: Decleor; Guerlain; Lancaster; Qiriness; Neutrogena; RoC; and Sisley Paris.

Among the perfume brands represented: Abercrombie; Boucheron; Burberry; Calvin Klein; Chloe; Dolce & Gabbana; Gucci; Guerlain perfumes; Hugo Boss; Issey Miyake; Jimmy Choo; Lanvin; Marc Jacobs; Marina de Bourbon; Mercedes; Mio Mio; Mont Blanc; Narcisso Rodriguez; Roberto Cavalli; Rochas; Salvador Dali; Sisley perfumes; Tiffany, Zadig & Voltaire; and Van Cleef.


Support Network

The company’s commercial activity is supported by a logistics division, an IT department, a financial department, a human resources department, and commerce and sales departments for the food and health divisions, as well as for Colgate-Palmolive. A commerce and sales team represents and promotes consumer goods to over 4,000 points of sale, including food chains, pharmacy chains, small private retailers, grocery stores, minimarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores, GMOs, perfume stores, and household care department stores.


The Company’s History

Schestowitz was founded in 1954 by Shimon Schestowitz. His two sons, Yoni and Miki Schestowitz, later joined the firm and became part of the company’s management team.

In 2007, Yoni and Miki took over the company after Shimon passed away.  Yoni purchased his brother’s share and has since been the company’s sole  owner.

Yoni Schestowitz is married to Orna, an artist and interior designer, and is the father of four children.