Schestowitz Mont Blanc: Best Practice

Mont Blanc: Best Practice



For nearly a century, the Montblanc brand has served as an example of the art of creation, perfection and uncompromising prestige. The snow-capped peaks of the Montblanc Mountain, for which the brand is named, is a symbol of the high quality of the brand’s products on which the bright white star is imprinted.

Montblanc is a brand with a long tradition of quality. While the pace of development in the world is constantly accelerating, traditional artistic values evolve over time, and with them the values of perception, sentiment, appearance and culture. All Montblanc products manufactured over the years are founded on these values, from Meisterstück – the classic fountain pen, to the brand’s exclusive fragrances, are the direct result of the unique tradition of Montblanc, coupled with the work of designers and perfume makers that produced a timeless and celebrated product for generations to come.

The Montblanc brand’s fragrances were marketed in Israel in the past. In 2012 Montblanc’s marketing was reassigned to Schestowitz, and within two years the products were a dazzling success, and well loved by the Israeli public.


The Challenge: To Become a Leading Brand

The Israeli perfume market is saturated and highly competitive market. The great challenge was to make the Montblanc brand a favored, leading and desirable brand among Israeli men, despite of the competition in the market.

Competition in Israel is strongly affected by pricing, and many brands lower their prices and thus also their brand’s image. Our goal was to make the Montblanc a leading brand in the fragrance market, while maintaining the brand’s positioning as prestigious, luxurious and elegant, without compromising its values. 


Strategy & Marketing

In 2012, Montblanc’s Legend fragrance was launched in Israel. Strategically, we launched the product with an annual plan to support the brand throughout the year, and not only during the first wave. The goal of the marketing plan was to increase awareness for the brand, and indirectly its sales, using a 360 degree strategy: constant use of all the marketing media in order to attain the target. We used PR activities, billboards, radio sponsorships, film commercials, and enhanced activities at the points of sale: gifts for consumers, distribution of samples, display tables in shops, shelf frames and more.

Drugstore beauty consultants working throughout the country also constitute an import and central factor in the success of Montblanc Legend. They underwent in-depth briefings about the new fragrance and learned to identify the target audience and select the prestigious and elegant fragrance for him.

The results were quick to come…. since the launch in 2012, we have witnessed a constant growth in the brand’s sales over the years, that continue to this day. Thanks to marketing strategy and its execution, the brand is growing and developing, and has acquired a loyal following of customers in Israel.

In May 2014, another series was added to the Montblanc brand: Montblanc Emblem. The launch was accompanied by a billboard campaign and activities in the points of sale. In this launch also, our beauty consultants were enlisted to aid in the success of the series. The launch was a huge success thanks to the elegant male fragrance and the successful campaign, with excellent sales, all without harming the former fragrance, the well-loved Montblanc Legend.



Montblanc turned into a sought after brand that is a status symbol among its target audience, and the Israeli man’s preferred fragrance – without compromising the brand’s values that reflect tradition, prestige and elegance.

The brand’s fragrances are sold in numerous points of sale in Israel and in the Duty Free shops, and are ranked among the five top ranked men’s fragrances.

The new Montblanc fragrances that were launched recently have become an amazing overnight success, without denting the sales of the previous series.

We are proud of this rising and developing brand, which is soaring to the top and acquiring a loyal and steady male audience. Our goal – to become the number 1 fragrance in Israel!